Northern Bukovyna

Chernivtsi region. General information.

The territory of the region is 8,1 thousand square kilometers (1,3% of the Ukrainian territory). In the west the region borders on Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the North – on Ternopil region, in the North-East – on Khmelnytskiy and Vinnytsia regions, in the South – on Romania, in the South-East – on Republic of Moldova.

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Historical Centre of Chernivtsi.

istory has chosen the place on the crossroad of great empires and nations in order to build a city of unsuprassed beauty over the Prut river which gave a great many famous names to the world. In the Medieval times it was a forpost in the North of Ottoman empire, in new times – the eastern boundary of Austro-Hungary, in the recent century – the administrative and financial centre of Great Romania, after the Second World War – the gates to Europe for the Soviet Union; this status was preserved by the city in times of independent Ukraine.

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Chernivtsi - administrative, political and religious center of Chernivtsi region, important cultural,  scientific and educational center of Ukraine. 

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Southern Bukovyna

Suceava county. General information

Occupying approximately 4% of the Romanian territory, Suceava county is the second biggest in the country. Its area is 8,5 thousand square kilometers, population is about 715 thousand inhabitants.

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Historical Overview of the city of Suceava

City Suceava - the center of the eponymous district, located in the northeast of Romania and is one of the major tourist points of Romania. This city is known in history as the capital of Moldavia and is directly related to the past of the state. There is a number of old buildings and famous King's governor Moldovan fortress that symbolizes the proud history of these places.

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Suceava is a city in Romania, center of the Suceava County. Located in the southeastern Bukovina, on the bank of Suceava River (a tributary of Seret ). The city has a Consulate General of Ukraine .

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